Twinings Pure Green Tea, 25 Teabags

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  • A SOOTHING BLEND: As dawn breaks and the dewy mist hangs in the air, the first buds and leaves are picked to lock in the fresh green flavour. Handpicked from selected gardens, our Pure Green Tea is a refreshing drink. Do take a moment to enjoy this soothing blend.
  • BENEFITS: Pure green tea has less than one calorie and is a good source of hydration. Green teas are generally lower in caffeine than black teas. The Chinese believe that Green Teas can aid digestion.
  • NATURAL & DISTINCTIVE: An earthy blend which retains its natural, distinctive flavour. Once given as a precious gift in China, let this gentle tasting blend be a gift from us to you.
  • ABOUT TWININGS: Generations of the Twinings family have carried a legacy of passion in the crafting of tea. Queen Victoria granted Twinings its first Royal Warrant and we have had the honour of making tea for every British Monarch ever since. Our master blenders travel the globe in search of the finest, rarest and most exciting teas. Your perfect tea-break – ten generations in the making.
  • HOW TO MAKE THE PERFECT PURE GREEN TEA: Boil some water, but let it cool slightly before pouring. Add a teabag to the cup of hot water and allow to brew for a maximum of 2 minutes, any longer and you may lose the delicate taste. Take the first sip and let the whole cup revitalise your spirits.